About Us

I have always believed that all that we need to cater to our body has already been created by All Mighty God and that they already exist in nature.

All we have to do is discover them and make them available to all at a fair price. A lot of marvelous people have dedicated their lives to achieving this goal. Thanks to them we have a lot available to us naturally.

At Saij-Natural-Organic.com, all we carry are natural organic products that are not harmful to the body nor the environment.

Our current brand is Floraison.

For those who have sensitive skin, skin allergies, or just love natural and organic and who love to smell fresh and sweet all day and keep their skin nourished and youthful, we offer Floraison perfumes, deodorants, and moisturizers. Our products are Non-GMO, contain no chemicals, no alcohol, non-toxic and are made with love from floral blooms and botanicals that are safe for the skin; just the way God made them, no additives and no preservatives. Simply Absolutely Marvelous.


With all my love, enjoy.

James Aghayere