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About Us


Everything that we need to care for our bodies, already exists in nature.

All we need to do is discover them and make them available, accessible, and affordable to all. A lot of marvelous people, hopefully including you, have dedicated much of their lives to achieving this goal. Thanks to them, we have a lot available to us naturally.

Our passion and mission at SAIJ LLC are exactly this:

1.Discover the most potent and safe natural remedies, natural supplements, natural skin care, and natural herbs to support and promote excellent health.

2.Make them available, accessible, and affordable to all.


At SAIJ LLC (, we design and manufacture only natural organic products, for excellent health and skin, that are effective and safe for the body and the environment.


Aloe Ferox Mill originates from South Africa. South Africans have used Aloe Ferox Mill for centuries to support the body in combating the most stubborn diseases, viruses, bacteria, boosting immunity, and detoxing the bowel. To the people of South Africa, Aloe Ferox Mill is known as a miracle plant.

We introduce four classes of products from 100% Aloe Ferox Mill plant: 1) Aloe Ferox Complete, 2) Aloe Ferox Complete 700, 3) Aloe Ferox Gel Powder, and 4) Aloe Ferox Bitter Powder which is offered in two options (crystals powder or spray-dried powder).



Total body support dietary supplements for strong bones, healthy joints, muscle growth, healthy cardiovascular system, healthy blood, healthy organs, beautiful and healthy skin, excellent libido, physical strength, healthy cell regeneration.



 Natural skin products for all skin types to enable and promote younger and healthy skin. Made with love from botanicals, Aloe Ferox Mill, and Seawater Pearl Powder, Non-GMO, Non-Toxic, Non-light sensitive.

We use only natural ingredients derived from botanicals: blooming flowers, leaves, roots.

For those who love subtle fresh scent all day, keeping their skin nourished and youthful with no negative side effects, and love staying strong and healthy overall, use our skin care products, total-body-support supplements, and Aloe Ferox Mill products.

Our products are non-GMO, contain no chemicals, no alcohol, no additives, no preservatives, and are non-toxic. Simply, absolutely marvelous!

With all my love.


James Aghayere

1560 E Southlake Blvd, Suite 100, Southlake, TX 76092, USA;
USA Toll Free: +1 (866) 891-7546; Office: +1 (817) 697-4807